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NoWhere Radio is continually growing, and adding to it's list of services. The following services are available or soon to be released:

On Demand CD Production and Sales Don't have enough cash to float a full production run of CDs? Why not have them printed as they are ordered? Through the NoWhere Artists Interface, you can setup your albums and place them for sale for no upfront charge and we will print them as they are sold, keep the expenses and ship the rest of the cash to you! All you have to do to participate is Sign up for free, and list your albums with the On Demand CD Sales program.
Existing Artist CD Sales Program

If you already have CDs produced, and wish to place them for sale on the Internet, or even in brick and mortar stores, you can send them into NoWhere and let us handle everything. You can have your CD online for no upfront charge, and we keep as little as $2 USD per CD sold! To participate in this program, contact us at: info@nowhereradio.com

Existing Artist CD Self Ship Sales Program If you have CDs already produced, and wish to add the personal touch of shipping your CDs directly to your customers, we can handle the sale, order processing, authorization, and notification for you. We keep as little as $2 USD per sale, and there is no upfront cost to the service. To participate in this program, Sign up for free, and list your albums with the Self Ship program.
Infinite Space for MP3's Now you can sign up for infinite space on NoWhere. Just $2.50USD a month! Sign up for free as an artist, and then visit the get more space page to subscribe. You can even stack the Direct/ Deep linking service on top of your infinite space! (infinite within reason)
Direct/ Deep link MP3 service Have your own website, and need somewhere to host/stream your MP3's? Now you can transparently link, with no advertising or reference to NoWhere with this service. We'll give you 50MB of space, 1GB of transfer, multiple player support, and instant links for only $5USD a month! To subscribe to this service, sign up for free as an artist, and then visit the get more space page.
1:1 ratio Banner Exchange Have a website you need promoted? Or want to let a whole bunch of people know that you now have a site on NoWhere? Sign up for this absolutely free service and start collecting the hits! Featuring a 1:1 ratio that is mostly unheard of on most banner exchanges.
Artist MP3 and Template Website System What the h*** is this? Pretty much everything you see on NoWhere is created by our template design system. Artists can create (for free) their own personalized space on NoWhere to showcase their talents, provide free samples of music, and sell their CDs and merchandise through an easy to use template driven system. Sign up now, for free!
Full Professional Website Hosting Packages Fed up with 'free' website hosts, ads, and all the hassles that come along with them? Why not host your own site with your own domain? We can place you with a professional hosting company for very reasonable rates and you have full control over all the content, administration, scripting, everything! Contact us at hosting@nowhereradio.com for more information.
Website Design Services Let the NoWhere team design your website from the ground up. Prices start as low as $100 USD for a full design package! E-mail us at design@nowhereradio.com with what you have in mind for a quote.
Online Broadcasting/ Webcasting Services (Video & Audio) Got a show you want broadcast through the Internet? Recorded or live, we can send out your audio and video ad free to the whole world for less than you can do it yourself. If you would like to inquire about this service, contact us at broadcast@nowhereradio.com
Live Recording Services Are you in a band performing live in the Calgary area? Want some live audio recorded and mixed for your next album, or promotional purposes? You may have seen our banner at a show here and town, and this is what we love to do! Contact waldo@nowhereradio.com with when you are to perform, where, and what instrumentation/ number of vocalists you'll have on stage, and he'll quote you on what it will cost. Prices starts as low as $20 CDN an hour!
Media Design Services We do everything including website graphics, T-shirt logos, stickers, business cards, press-kits, CD labels and jewel case covers, banners, and more! We have access to some very gifted artists who would love to help mold your image, and do it for a reasonable rate! You can contact us at artwork@nowhereradio.com with a break down of what you would like done for a quote.


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