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Patron of the Artist

Here you have the opportunity to interface directly with the artist, cutting out the hundreds of middlemen you often see in the major industry. You can read about the initial ideals of the program here, written by fellow NoWhere artist Folksinger.

The following is this artists (Folksinger) offer:

For a detailed description of what I am offering my patrons please see the Patrons Page on my homesite at though each year may differ, generally I will mail my Patrons the following: 1)a copy of that year's production CD, discount prices on CDs for gifts 2)one, and probably several, CDRs of "unreleased" tracks from live shows, jam sessions, and studio session 3)Video media copies of any finished videos and/or "roughmix" raw video footage from my annual tour. though video will be distributed on VHS at first because it holds more video, those unable to use VHS can request other media I can provide SVCDs though they hold much less video and are not as universally compatable. In the future, I plan to be able to offer patrons the choice between VHS or DVD media 4)In addition, my Patrons will have access to a password protected private area where I will post work in progress, when I am working in the studio and have internet access, and questions and news specifically for my patrons. However, since I am on the road without internet access often, that will limit what I can offer on the internet. Sometimes I may have a lot of new and constantly updated material, other times I may not be able to add anything for months. 5)I'll also provide e-mail bulletins, whenever I can, for those that request them, as well as an annual or bi-annual report. For those able to access the internet, much of the newsletter will be linked to my website, public or private areas, where I can have pictures or music as well as text. For those without internet access I will mail an annual, and possibly bi-annual, newsletter, and possibly include bulletins with CDR mailings. 6)other possibilities of what may be available to Patrons are discounts for multiple gift subscriptions and/or copies of CDs available to patrons, and discount, backstage, or free passes to performances This model is still in the development stage, so it may quite possibly go through some changes. Also, the principle of patronage is that it will provide the financial foundation to invest in better services, like DVD burning equipment

You can become of Patron of this artist for $20.00USD a year, and must be a member of NoWhere in order to participate in this program. If you are not already a member, sign up now, it's free!

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