Author Topic: Would love a fresh set of ears for these tracks!  (Read 2524 times)


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Would love a fresh set of ears for these tracks!
« on: March 09, 2006, 08:36:10 AM »
I'm currently working on my new album, titled "Henchman" (so named because I was writing a song at the time and AMC was on the TV and someone said that word so I named the song after it and subsequently the album.) At this point in the production, I've spun up about 12 first drafts of songs, with each track on every songrecorded in about one or two takes and some amount of time getting a tentative sound quality for each through mixing/editing. I've yet to add vocals to any of them (imagine that...someone waiting until the last possible moment to add vocals!) Anyway, I'm eager to hear others' suggestions and thoughts. I've posted 5 tracks on this website thus far (all lo-fi thus far until I get some more space). Here's the link to those tracks:

HENCHMAN (the partial collection) -

[url=] [/url]

The tracks included are:

- "Mercury" (a kind of garage-grunge-hip hopish blend)

- "That Star Over There" (a nice little song with a strong bass melody and kind of weird but nice guitar riff)

- "Concentric Circles" (an extremely quickly made and Spanish guitar feeling piece that was done basically to test out a new acoustic/electric guitar...the whole thing is pretty much one big improvisation)

- "Circumscribed" (no, not CircumSIZED! My nickname for this one is "That Prince sounding song" because the drum loop sounds an awful lot the drum line from "Raspberry Beret". Lots of interesting guitar layers here, including auto-wahs and natural harmonics that fade in and out, and a three track synth part sampled from a vintage early 80's sounding synth).

- "One Less Thing" (This is one of those pieces that makes you want to go out and buy more RAM just so you can mix it! It has very heavy ambient elements and 7 total guitar parts layered together, including the bass line [which, in reality, is my Fender Strat toned down and EQed to sound like an actual nass -- I don't actually own a bass. Also, the heavy memory requirements created some latency issues, so you may hear the timing off on the lead guitar track).

Again, I would be extremely grateful if anyone could give one or more of these tracks a listen and share your thoughts. It is so incredibly valuable when you are working alone and playing all the parts yourself and, further, I know no one in my local area that has any real experience when it comes to musical arrangements, pereformances, and mixing. Thanks very much!

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Re:Would love a fresh set of ears for these tracks!
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bla bla bla... don't like it...