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jon ernsberger - trojan horses



[i]the public wants to battle unknown forces
while riding all atop their trojan horses
signing barrowed names on the papers of divorces
making matters worse

making matters worse could only make these matters better
talking to the moon, could you possibly forget her?
never told the truth, but only to protect her from more lies

someone tell the wise man to bring us some good news
people dance like maniacs with nothing left to lose
ghosts loom all around, treacherous and confused

to befriend them or offend them or buy them out of town
its good enough to leave on man safely on the ground
while the rest of civilization slowly floats together up toward the sun

so please don’t you try to change the subject
its bad enough you joined the new republic
have I been talking all this while with a monkey dressed up to be my wife?[/i]


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