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American Dream


American Dream

Asleep I thought I dream't a soaring aircraft
and silver towers, twinned, in morning light
in the 'plane there sat a mother and her daughter
and the child stared and clung to her in fright.

O Mommy, what's that tower, brightly looming?
My dear that is our death that looms so near
For we must die, for oil and for Glory
and that the pagan Arab may know fear.

[i]But let's start our aircraft engines, boys, for glory!
Let's pound that stony foreign land to dust!
Let's fight for George, for oil and for Glory!
Let's do the job, as every hero must![/i]

But I dreamed a dusty grave down in Manhattan
And plaintive voices calling on the wind
'O tell us not that Freedom's voice has faltered
'Let our country's hearts have Justice, still, within'.

[i]But we reduced their barren, rocky coast to rubble
and bombed their stinking wattle huts to hell
and never paused a moment then to wonder
that our Freedom had become an empty shell.[/i]

For Liberty lies bound in secret prison
and Constitution's pages are sore thinned
And upon the Rock of Ages thus we've written
“In Jesus' name America has sinned”


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