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Anyone else?
« on: March 20, 2002, 11:25:48 AM »
Anyone else got some cool websites for us indie musicians?

Forums, tools, resources, etc.?
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Re: Anyone else?
« Reply #1 on: June 20, 2002, 10:29:09 PM »
Hey all i got some     can you say metal   great articles    mostly country but some rockers

Man i'm clicked out these are all sites w/ something to offer unsighned & indie musicians

Later  Scott /The Sect
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Re: Anyone else?
« Reply #2 on: July 02, 2002, 12:33:16 PM »
some of these urls may have changed slightly but should be close enough to get you there if you back up.. usually it is only the final page that has been changed. Othertimes, especially with the constatly shaking up internet, you'll just have to search with google for the new location!

For general computer utilities, like an ad-blocker I go to PCWorld magazine's download site.. they not only have a great number of downloads, they have checked out every one both for practical usefulness and to make sure it really works to begin with! recommended
or maybe

the shareware music machine has a great music section with lots of music related programs available, though these aren't tested though there is a user feedback system that gives you some idea, as well as a indication of popularity as well.

this next one is a real find.. often you can seriously improve performance with the right driver, but what if you don't have it, or there never was one from the manufacturer, or you got it used etc? well there's a site that collects drivers, including custom drivers written when no driver exited.. I got one for my monitor that way.

How about surplus electronics at cheap prices, including cables and powersupplys and all sorts of neato and nescessary stuff.. almost anything can come through at liquidator prices, from complete units to parts

And couldn't be complete without mentioning AnalogX, a musician and programmer with a altrustic streak that keeps him churning out useful utilities and giving them away.. he has a mailinglist of epic proportions, which just goes to show that people want to hear what he has to say.. and yes, he is a PARIS user like me so some of the utilities are PARIS oriented, but not everything, my sincere recommendation and thanks

and it would seem everyone would already know this one, but since I use it all the time I'll throw it in, sometimes I use it to locate and buy, other timers to compare against the sale price at a local retail outlet.. often the shipping cost is critical... but always the first stop when I need to price computer gear

since I am a fan of multiple boot partitions, here's a link to a primer on partitioning and if I can find it the source of a freeware partition manager

well, not sure where Partition Manager is right now.. might find it at hit squad, and it works for me fine

or try

hey! and how about a nice step by step idiot's guide to putting together your own PC, step by step with pictures, if you need a little confidence before going the DIY route to build or rebuild

and of course, plug-ins.. I only use a couple but these got a great review and work fine for me, and are free

interested in getting into video CDs and finding out what is what about what, this is a good place to start.. of course, DVDs are starting to get cheaper, but nothing near realistic for the average musician, compared to CDR burners and media.

in fact since I am into video as well as audio I have a lot of video links if you are headed in that direction, both ones I use now and ones I used researching what to get to get started, like

ok.. enough for now, but I just couldn't resist .. I've got loads more though this is specifically focused on "sources" of useful stuff and free... I didn't get into the many music/recording etc forums and info sites, DAW sites, computer discounters, and things like robotics and sailboats.. uh.. guess that would be off the subject, but how about gear insurance ?

or festival listings?

to name a few

or venue directories like

wow.. well and as said, since I don't use the internet much.. or well, I am away from it for months at a time and things change fast sometimes I can't guarantee anything, and of course
providing these links in no way implies a blanket recommendation of all the products or whatever you might find unless I said so specifically.. sometimes its just places I found researching and don't know what to make of it myself actually.

so, hey! 'nuff said to quote a famous artist


hey and isn't it quality, not quantity that counts.. eh.. waldo?

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Re:Anyone else?
« Reply #3 on: July 29, 2004, 02:08:05 PM »
Anyone know of a good site or source for empty speaker cabs,.... I would like to fill em with my own choice of speakers,.. so just need the cabinets,.... do not have the woodworking shop to build em myself either,.....




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Re:Anyone else?
« Reply #4 on: September 05, 2006, 07:12:17 PM »
Promote your act at Delta Boogie.
I blog internet video at MixRemix.