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Darkness fills the sky as a black cloud eats the sun
psycotic fantasy begun Black holes swallow supernova spewing x-ray cosmic DNA
in a distant quasars wake
Mushroom cloud tornados churning boiling oceans scalding sulfer skies
in the incandescent night
Asteroids flashing crashing burning astral mortar barrage warfare pounds
Hear the heavens crashing down
 And I believe that I control these fantasies I see
 Conductor of some fucked up symphony master of a strange reality
 The center of the universe is me

Serpent insect fetus vermin oozing from disintegrating eyes
Hear the buzz of swarming flies
Mongloid children chanting babble ritually set themselves afire
Watch the flame grow higher and higher
Labarynthine barbed wire thornfields toxic rivers cresting jet black sludge
As the water turns to blood
Walking corpses goosestep backwards marching to the rythm of the wind
As insanity sets in
  The sky is red the orphan heavens weep the sun is dead
  Paralyzed confused consumed with dread the fragments of my psyce
  ripped to shreds A thousand wars erupt inside my head

Snow white angels copulate with bat winged demons breeding mutant spawn
As the symphony plays on
Iron birds of fire swoop down breathing fire on their human prey
As they try to get away
UFO armadas landing lasers spraying cities turn to rust
Concrete crumbling into dust
Acid visions flash before believing eyes reality deformed
Ego dead and then reborn
  And I believe that I control the fantasies I see
  Coductor of some fucked up symphony master of a strange reality
  The center of the universe is me

Kind of hopping around in the lyrics, not an easily seen central theme, other than 'madness', but adequate for such a description of 'hallucination'.

A story is usually told in lengthly lyrics, a beginning and an end...  Which there isn't here.  What is it you want the listener to walk away with after hearing this song?  Or rather, what's the story behind the lyrics?

You might want to switch up the meter a bit as well, it could force the listener into thinking you are repeating the same lyrics over and over throughout the song.

Thanx for the input Waldo!
There is no central them other than madness!The lyrics are fairly meaningless and disjointed "visuals".There really isn't a story at all.Some of the images are thing I've"experienced" while under the influence of LSD.Some are things that other people have told me the "saw".But most of it is stuff I just made up 'cause I thought it sounded cool.

Lol, well they definately bring up the image of a bad, bad trip!

P.S. your iSpace account is now active!


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