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:( :(

 I would first like to let everyone involved know that I love the concept of this site and would really be able to get excited about it.

The last few times I have visited nwr, I haven't seen the previous annoying pop-ups.This time I am getting an install screen for "Gator".
As many of you already know,Gator is a very proprietary
advertising tool that claims it will "speed up" your internet connection.
The problem is, when it installs, it also installs other software under different names.So if you aren't an experienced user,you may never completely get rid of this virus-like program.
As a computer tech, a good portion of my repair work involves removing "sticky"software like Gator for unwitting victims.
As a musician the appearance of Gator on this site makes me hesitant to send new computer users to Nowhere radio.I don't need people coming to me saying that the site I sent them to screwed up their computer.
In conclusion.The pop-ups were annoying, but Gator is far,far, worse.I can't and won't endorse any site that is involved with Gator.Please  get rid of it so we can all freely recommend this site to our friends and not have to worry about aggressive, software based advertising. :( :(

Download a free POP-UP killer....

Waldo's gotta pay for this awesome site somehow, and POP-UP's help finance do exactly that

Panicware has a good free POP-UP killer, and very simple and quick to set-up....

Your supposed to know that, your a tech *LOL*

As I stated on the first post, I've contacted the company and asked them to remove the ad.

Problem with having a company do ad sales for you is that you have no end-control on what they choose to use, after all, they get 50% of the profits.

I'm looking into alternative companies however, as this is not the first issue I've had with them.

Oh and a free firewall....

I have one of them also... "Zone Alarm"

I've been on this site, forever, and I have yet to see anything poping they must work..

[quote]Download a free POP-UP killer....

[/quote] Can you give me a link to one? This pop-up thing is Drving me nuts. DK


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