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I think it'd be cool if there was something like the charts, but that wasn't reset every month.

Something like poll the monthly top ten twice a day, or every 12 times it's calculated, and every song that's in it when polled get's a virtual listen for the overall top ten (per genre, or not).


Could you explain what you mean by 'virtual listen' ?


That was just a random thought on how to calculate it.  By virtual listen I meant a "point" added to the songs overall statisitcs.  

I think some kind of persistent chart would provide a new view into the material on the site.  

Actually an overall rating system that drilled down through the whole site (per gengre, or not) would be a cool way to check out new songs, although I know that's a lot more of a pain than simply snagging the top [i]n[/i] songs.


although charts are a nice idea, and should be there for many reasons, it is important not to give people an unfair advantage. ie.. rich get richer, poor get poorer- which is what nowhereradio is NOT about.

Artists who have had the least amount of plays should be promoted just a little more than the rest...somehow..

i like the idea of letting the listener hear tracks of whatever genre played at random whilst always being able to skip a tune..

and whats with all the "A" names and numbers.. that just sucks for people with a name like mine



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