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Revenue raising ideas?  Drop them here...

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If you have an idea that you think could benefit NWR financially, drop it here.

If you see somebodies idea here and would like to drop sime feedback on it, do so!

I need all the help I can get!

I'm sorry, I know you have probably thought of this already, but I'm bored and looking for some interesting BBS (slow day).  I haven't poked around on the site too much so you might already have this, but.. about merchendise?  T-shirts, caps, bumper stickers.  Even if you only make a small profit it's great advertising.  As an artist, I wouldn't mind having some way to advertise where I post my songs (other than a link on a website), so I wouldn't mind paying a few bucks for a cap or shirt.  While I'm ordering a shirt I would pay an extra buck for a bumper sticker.  Guitar case can always use another one.

The shirts are there ;)  Plans are for other merch as well.  Check it out in the 'site news' section, under 'pre order shirt'


Any chance of offering a CD reproduction service like had?  (they'd reproduce the CD with both wave and mp3 files and send it to the customer.)  

You could make money off of every sale, and you'd be providing a great service for all us indie types who can't afford a full run of CDs....

Please, please, pretty please?????

Uh, we've already had that for years...

Production is currently on hold though, but it's there.

'ODCD' or "On Demand CD Distribution"



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