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FAQ on the On Demand CD program
« on: March 19, 2002, 02:41:26 PM »
Q. What formats can I send in my music?

A. Two ways, electronic, or hardcopy. Electronic would be transferring mp3 files of any bit rate (higher bit rate such as 256kbs recommended). Hardcopy would be in the form of a redbook CD manually submitted.

Q. What is a "redbook" CD?

A. Redbook is a term in reference to the audio quality on a CD. Redbook is basically a professional CD that contains the original, uncompressed audio files that can be played on normal CD players, i.e. a standard audio CD.

Q. Whenever we get an order, even a single order, a CD is copied, mailed and payment is obtained?

A. Correct. All sides of the purchase, order and delivery are handled by us. You simply give us something to duplicate, receive your checks, and leave the rest up to us.

Q. How does the payout structure work?

Payout is $50 USD monthly. This means when your profits reach or exceed $50, we send you your check at the end of each month. If you do not reach $50 for a month, the total is carried on to the next month until your balance exceeds $50.  If you have a paypal account, we will pay you monthly with no minimum through the paypal account (currently no charge for this service, but this may change).

Q. Pricing: the basic price is $5.94, and that includes the round label on the CD, yes?

A. Basic pricing includes a PRINTED CD, as in the image is applied DIRECTLY to the CD, not a sticky label like the other guys. It also includes a paper sleave for the CD and a flat mailer for shipping.

Q. Do I submit the art for that label or is that done by Swift?

A. You design your own artwork, or if in need, we can do the design for you for a small charge. Swift simply prints and ships the CDs. Artwork details and specifications are on these forums.

Q. What is a "clamshell"?

A. A clamshell is a newer type of CD case, made of plastic and somewhat shaped like a 'clamshell'. It is cheaper to mail out a clamshell to international destinations, due to its slimmer size (less than half the thickness of a standard jewel case). No artwork other than on the CD itself can be added however.

Q. If I want a piece of paper in the sleeve with art, song info, etc., is that the "tray insert"?

A. No, technically it would be called the 'Cover insert'. No word as to whether this can be included with the paper sleave yet, but I have asked and waiting for a response.

Q. What profit do you make?

$1 dollar goes to NoWhere, the remainder of your markup is the artists. If the artist marks up the CD $4, the artist gets $3 and NoWhere gets $1.

Q. Will I be able to link from other websites for people to purchase CD's via Nowhere?

A. Yes, we will give you a direct link to the purchasing page, as well as a 'quick link' to your artists page.

Q. Is there a setup fee?

A. No. There is currently no setup fee to use this program.

Q. Can I send in a Redbook CD with enhanced features on it?

A. Yes. You can send in any type of CD to use for duplication. Please make sure that the enhanced CD can be played on both a standard CD player and a computer before sending it to us.

Q. What is the maximum length of CD?

A. Maximum length for mp3 created CDs is 73 minutes. For Redbooks, total time is 74 minutes.

Q. Are MP3 files stored on the CD as well as the audio?

A. No. If you wish, you can send in a redbook with the mp3s on as well as the audio, but we will not do this for you.

Q. Can I submit JPG or GIF artwork instead of TIF?

A. No.  GIF and JPG images are 'lossey' and do not translate well onto printed media.  Most GIF and JPG images are 72 DPI, where printed media is usually a minimum of 300 DPI.

Q. How do I sign up to have my album included in this program?

A. Add the album through your album manager, list all songs, and upload any samples.  If you have selected the 'electronic' source method, upload all tracks that are to be on the album, if you have selected the 'redbook' source, send in the album to the address which is provided later.  

Once you have created the album, return to the album manager, click on the 'Include in On Demand Program' link, and follow the directions from there.

Once the initial sign-up is completed, set your album active with the 'Set Album Active' link in the mp3 manager for the appropriate album.  The album will be verified by administration and you will be e-mailed when the process is complete.
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