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Red Candle
Red Candle
Kenosha, Wisconsin, United States
Artist Description:
...Actually, Wisconsin, USA, Bristol, England, and Byron Bay, Australia! The songs that appear here are the result of a collaborative effort between my good friends Stephen Russell, Karena Wynn-Moylan (Ethnotechno), Mary Beth, and myself. I recorded the raw tracks and vocals here in the US, and sent them to Steve and Karena for the finished arrangements, engineering, and production. We'd been writing and recording for some time, prior to our meeting, but it seemed we needed some sort of catalyst, to bring it all home, and found that required magical quality in our friendship. We are ruggedly independent; refusing to submit to the pressures of the commercialized mainstream, and advocates for other indie artists on the net. The newer recordings will see the additional collaborative efforts of Karena Wynn-Moylan (check her site: "EthnoTechno") doing loops, samples, and overall arrangements, as well as the lyrical skills of my wife, Mary Beth (you can check more of her collabs on her site: "One Of The Boys") You can find our official website at: Regards, Mike.

Band members:
Michael Moczulewski, Stephen Russell, Karena Wynn-Moylan, Mary Beth Moczulewski

Whatever needs doing...

Music Style:
I call what we do "Electronic Folk Music", because I believe it stands true to the form of music made by regular folks; for regular folks. The main thing I wanted to insure, in the making of "Uncompromised", was that the songs actually MEANT something. It wasn't about just stringing the words together in an attractive fashion. It was about the songs having a REASON to be there. Worthwhile thoughts and observations; introspection, and a whole lot of soul-searching went into making it work as a whole. Four out of the five tracks, are available for streaming here. The fifth number; Steve and Mary Beth's beautiful alternative version of "Life In The Barrens", will also be available for preview here shortly.

Joni Mitchell, Pink Floyd, Roxy Music, and a WHOLE lot more.

Similar Artists:
You decide.

Does anybody ever read that?

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