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Mike Foley
Mike Foley
Songs not currently on albums, or not otherwise posted by the artist.
Collaboration tracks
These are tracks for collaboration...
Mesquite/Nicaragua Church Service Music
Music recorded in Nicaragua of Mesquite Indian church service music. My sister Mary ...a licensed nurse practioner...was in Nicargua with Partners In Health performing volunteer medical services.
Harmonica Collaboration
These are backing tracks available for harmonica collaboration. These songs are from Jon Gindick's instructional CDs and I am making these backing tracks free of charge. If you make a really great sounding collaboration, let me know I'd love to hear it!
Collaborations with others
These are banjo and fiddle/cello and guitar collaborations. With permission, Leo McDermott of has allowed me to try and hone my banjo accompaniement skills by playing along his songs. His songs are online at ....check it out...great fiddle player One duet with my wife Cindy on fiddle! One duet with Lynn D on cello. And one trio with Lynn (cello), Cindy (fiddle), and me (banjo). One with a mandolin/guitarist named Nat.
This is the archive of previous recordings.
From Dwight Diller tab
These are songs and tunes from Dwight Diller ...arrangements which he makes freely available on his website for non-commercial uses.
Native Ground
These are songs developed from Wayne Erbsen material from Native Ground (
These are original compositions...some by me...some by friends.
From R.D. Lunceford's Drop Thumb
These are songs I am learning from R. D. Lunceford's Drop Thumb CD/tab.
Train Music
A collection of train music. Some traditional. One original.
Garage Band
These are songs I have done with Apple Garage Band.
Songs I am learning from "Secret Life of Banjo" CD
These are songs I am learning from Secret Life of Banjo...a CD by Mary Z. Cox.
Various attempts at playing the blues...
Gourd Banjo
These are songs played on a gourd banjo made by Jeffery Menzies. This is a very cool banjo.
Sounds of Thanksgiving 2004
These are music and sound clips of Thanksgiving 2004...from Cross Lanes, West Virginia with the extended McDaniel family.
Learning the Concertina
I'm not sure I can trace the roots of my desire to try a concertina. It may have been after watching "Master and Commander" I felt the vague urge to try sea shanties and Irish jigs and reels on a concertina. Maybe it was something else, I don't know. But I asked a few questions on and then poked around on ebay. I got a 20 key Stagi and a Mad For Trad CD. This "album" is an audio record of my learning the concertina.
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