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MANI - This Painted Pantomime
MANI - This Painted Pantomime
This Painted PantomimeOriginally released January 2001.
12 track album full of melodic, thoughtful songs. Strongly influenced by the 1980's but equally a statement for the new millennium.
"The optimist takes on the pessimist" seems to be the general theme of this body of work giving my eye view on life in my 30's.
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4)   Fly  This Painted Pantomime 4:00 - 3.8MB
 MANI  Pop + Rock
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 One of the first tracks recorded for the album and one of the first songs I ever put up on the internet.
Probably the song that sums up much of what "Pantomime" is about. It's basically the me of today trying to talk the younger adolescent me out of his pessimistic outlook.
Like a lot of teenagers I went through the stage of hating the deck I'd been dealt even though in reality it was a pretty damn good one. I think it's only as you grow older and gain experience that you actually start to appreciate what you have.
9)   Benchmark  This Painted Pantomime 3:24 - 3.2MB
 MANI  Alternative
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 A radio friendly edit. A song all about being in love, about finding your partner in life. I've always been the sort of person who falls victim to lust (if you know what I mean) and I'd always confuse this with thinking I was in love with somebody.
Love is something that creeps up on you despite all that lust and stuff. It's when you suddenly find yourself really wanting to know this person, missing them when they're not around and putting up with all their faults, just as they put up with all yours.
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