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Studioviols - Singles
Studioviols - Singles
 Lincoln Continental Mix 02  Live at the Saxon Pub 3:58 - 4.5MB
 Patrice Pike  Alternative
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 A remix of Patrice Pike performing 'Lincoln Continental' from 'Live at the Saxon Pub' in Austin, Texas. I have downloaded the 128kbps MP3 of 'Lincoln Continental' from her website and then added a Violin-Fiddle part in SONAR, mixed and recorded to simulate the live performance of the instrument with her and her band. This will be used as DEMO to Patrice Pike to encourage her to engage me for a tour with her band or employ my skills and talents in the studio playing violin, viola and cello on her upcoming productions. This file is a second posting of this mix after assistance from at the MP3 clinic at , and thanks to those folks there.
 WahWahViola  studioviols 1:04 - 1.5MB
 Pat Jack  Alternative
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 Some long clean tones over a bed of direct vintage electric guitars. Then a bit of carefully crafted tube overdriven Wah Wah double-stopped rockin' figures on a big huge viola.
 She Can't Say  Studioviols 3:42 - 5.1MB
 Studioviols  Alternative
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 My broken heart punk anthem. Intense vocals, Alt.Melodic Punk. Violin to be added soon. Scott Kern all guitars, bass and drums. Pat Jack all lyrics and vocals.
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