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walter tore's spontobeat - Me and My Old Friend - 1 man Band
walter tore's spontobeat - Me and My Old Friend - 1 man Band
I recorded some stuff with my first electric guitar yesterday (March 20, 2004). It is the big hollow body, f holed, arched top, single humbucker pu, volume only knob, no name guitar, on the lower left corner of the Live at the Alpine Hall cd cover. The body is arched on front and back, and is about 6 inches thick. I got it in 1980 for 20 dollars. It was the only electric guitar I owned, all the way until I hit Austin. It wasn't loud enough to keep up with the club next door. It would feed back. They were drowing us out! I kind of put it away at that point and bought a jazzmaster. Now I have 2 electric guitars, and they are the only 2 I have ever owned.

I had a Luthier in Belgiun build a intonated bridge and put new tuners on it. It was stripped and finished clear(before I got it). Other than that it is stock.

It called my name yesterday. I plugged it in my deluxe reverb. The strings must be at least 10 years old. I rubbed a cloth over them to get the slip back on them. It was even close to being in tune. It was time! The neck on it is like a baseball bat, and the action is perfect for fretting or slide, all the way up the neck. I put the volume to 2 on the amp and the trebble to 10, and bass to 3, with no reverb. I turned the guitar volume all the way up, and picked with my fingers. This baby screams, and man I forgot how fat its tone is.

I have a new axe in the arsnel now that I rarely go above 2 on the amp volume. It is funny how our situations change over time. I was tempted to sell it many times, but because it has no name on it, I figured for what I would get, wasn't worth the hassle. I have had this guitar in shops all over the world, and no one has been able to identify it, other than that it is from the 50's most likely. Maybe somebody here knows what it is? I will be posting the songs in a few hours when I get home form work. It reminds me of tht sound Lightnin got when he amplified. I felt his spirit on them strings. I am sure glad I never sold this guitar. Walter

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 walter tore's spontobeat  Blues
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 walter tore's spontobeat  Blues
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