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walter tore's spontobeat - Mocha's Last Party?
walter tore's spontobeat - Mocha's Last Party?
Our dog Mocha is dying of lung cancer. We had a party at our house last night, 2/21/04, to celebrate her life. She loves music and BBQ. We had about 60 people cram into our little 1,200 sq ft house. I smoked a full BBQ spread, and the food and wine flowed. My brother, who was the leader of the grunge band, Bob Evans, former MCA recording artists, came up from L.A., to record us and jam some. It was a great night. We had the women dancing on the floor and I caught my old groove that I had during my days as the house band at the Legendary Black Cat Lounge in Austin, Texas. Mocha is on steriods and a side effect is food compulsion. She swiped a few ribs off some kids plates, and was lapping up brisket grease that spilled on the kitchen floor. My wife and I have never her the pleasure of eating people food, but last night she had her fill! I want to thank all my friends that came out and made this one of my best gigs ever! I also got hired to cater a big shindig at a local winery. The owners were there and loved the BBQ. It was a great time. On a technical note, the living room is about 20' x 12'. lathe [laster walls, and hardwood floors. We weren't able to get any isolation on the mics. One was on the vocals, which went through a fender passport deluxe 250 PA, and 2 mics in the back of the room. All in all, for the small space and all, I think it came out ok.

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