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walter tore's spontobeat - Live at Alpine Hall
walter tore's spontobeat - Live at Alpine Hall
This was recorded 6/21/03, at a outdoor benifit concert in the heart of the Sonoma County wine country. This gig was following my grease fire ( check the song) in my BBQ smoker. I was up at 1am checking the BBQ, and at 4am a pilot error caused a spectacular grease fire that ruined the 14 racks of ribs I was smoking for the benifit party that these tunes were recorded at. So, at 6am that same morning I go and buy 14 more racks of ribs and BBQ them all morning at Alpine Hall (gig site). At noon I was done BBQ'ing, and then set up and played two, one hour sets that you are now hearing. I was up a total of 30 hours at the time of this recording. Needless to say I was on a natural high of BBQ smoke, no sleep, and excitement. My voice wasn't in very good form (BBQ smoke), but all things considered I think it came out ok. This was my first time recording with my Sharp MD-7 minidisc recorder. Next time I am going to put the mic closer tho the PA speaker and get the vocals more on top. Thank God for summer vacation

P.S.: For those of you tht don't know it, I make up all of these songs as I go along, and record them with a sharp MD-7 mini disc and core sounds stereo mic.

The technique used to record all cds:

21st Century Field Recordings - All of Walter's music is recorded in the early 20th century field recording tradition. Adventurous men would pack their simple recording equipment in the back of their cars, drive into the deep south, to locate and record, in their homes, the musicians of that area. This is how most of the country came to learn about blues, folk, country, and Cajun music. These visionary men paved the way for the slick studio recordings we now take for granted.

Walter sticks to this recording concept by using only a mini disc recorder and a stereo microphone to record all his band and solo cds. Once they are recorded they are formatted to cd quality, and may get a slight touch of reverb, echo, and compression. It only takes about 2 minutes of production time to transform a mini disc recording to a finished cd.

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