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MANI - Rituals Of Motion
MANI - Rituals Of Motion
Rituals Of MotionOriginally released July 2000.10 track instrumental album
My earliest recordings, some of which date back to 1995.
Very basic they're all pieces that are intended to convey a certain feeling or evoke certain imagery.

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2)   All Be It Of Storm  Rituals Of Motion
 MANI  Easy Listening
 One of my first attempts at recording a musical idea. A musician sits at his piano in a large circular, glass conservatory overlooking spectacular views of the surrounding countryside, watching an on-coming storm breaking on the far horizon. He hears it's tune and tries to create something on his piano to compliment it. The storm moves overhead and the musician stops and is consumed in a strange peacefulness, a tranquility that lies at it's centre. The storm passes and moves on and he returns to his keyboard inspired and plays his song in the storms wake.
4)   Rituals Of Motion  Rituals Of Motion
 MANI  Alternative
 A dark & brooding track and another early attempt at recording my ideas. Over long as many of these early tracks are but not all together a bad thing as I wanted the track to build as it went along the length it takes to do this gives it a certain edge. One I've thought of re-doing but can't find the time to. I will one day.
5)   Sea Shanty  Rituals Of Motion
 MANI  Easy Listening
 A short tune very basic, very soothing.
9)   Following The Trail ...  Rituals Of Motion
 MANI  Alternative
 Similar to All Be It Of Storm. Following The Trail Of The River To The Rainforest (full title) take us on a canoe journey down a tribal river. The native drums beat their rhythm and the forest plays it's tune. Further down we let the boat take the current and submerge in the tranquility of the wonderful rainforest. Out the other side and the forest once more laments us with it's song.
10)   Endsong  Rituals Of Motion
 MANI  Alternative
 My very first recording and the simplest thing I could make. Just a harmless bit of fun included to round off the Rituals album.
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