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Ndola, Central,
Artist Description:
Am an hardcore hiphop rapper from a crew calle' RicH OdD(R.O.D).from ndola,zambia

Band members:
We seven n a crew calld RicH OdD diz ar: Fraazy,kbla$t,yami-fruttie,youngflow,biyan a.k.a rap killer,raid panther v.c kul and don bizo.

Keybord can do,drugs en guitar..

Music Style:
Ma music style z so unique en cardinal.. Wat i do z hiphop en also concious Hiphop.i like rappin n costant coz datz ma style.

Uh.. Ma influences ar meek mill,ace hood en big sean also wiz kalifha....diz guy do me da way they rap,spitn' barz,flows mataphorz en many more

Similar Artists:
Similiar art' ar chef 187,koby en b mark frm zambia diz guys thy also do me...

Uh.. I was born in 1996 may has been a challenge n ma music journey actually,ma real names ar Funsani Banda bt populary knwn as n da crew called the RicH OdD a.k.a R.O.D,locatd n ndola zambia ,tug.hv compltd ma secondary skul en nw am waitn 2 go titiary education meanwhile am doin music..

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