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Garrett Sawyer
Garrett Sawyer
Irvine, CA,
Artist Description:
6 and 12 string thematic folk-rock

Band members:
Occasionally joined by Mama Hagglin ( consisting of Jeff Porter, Jerry Adamowicz, Jimmy Palmer and Sandy Hancock. Also occasionally joined by Harding Young on saxophone/harmonica.

Acoustic 6 and 12 string guitar

Music Style:
Folk-Rock/Light Rock

Paul Simon

Similar Artists:
Paul Simon, Ian Anderson, Bruce Springsteen

Garrett Sawyer is an Orange County, California folk-rocker who has just finished his third album. Hailing originally from Los Angeles, Sawyer has been writing songs since he was 16. He was influenced as a teenager by Simon and Garfunkel, and he was particularly impressed by Paul Simon's subsequent solo work. He has aspired to Simon's standard of excellence as he has concentrated on writing, arranging, and producing folk-rock, and has spent years honing his song craft.
Eschewing shallow themes, Sawyer, like a white-collar Springsteen, takes on such diverse topics as the personal tragedies of unemployment and home loss, a tribute to a Shakespearean theatre and the yearning for space travel. His first two albums were released to favorable reviews and significant airplay.
He records at Adamos Studios in Westminster, California with veteran engineer Jerry Adamowicz, who is also the bassist for Orange County Blues/Rock band Mama Hagglin (who backs up Sawyer on the leadoff song of his new album). He's also sometimes joined by saxophonist Harding Young, who doubles on harmonica.
If you're weary of shallow songs and trite vocals and crave an artist with unabashed originality and a flair for imaginative and thoughtful lyrical styling, check Sawyer out.

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