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Moscow, mosco,
Artist Description:
ANGELIGHT - pen name of young russian composer, which was a founder of transformational direction in music. The History of his music began long before appearances of musical works. The Future composer, having music formation, not there was in creative searching for. He was in search for spiritual.

Once upon a time He's got insite and ability of clairvoyance. Right after this, he began to cure the people. In this time Angelight was enthusiastic of spiritual and psychology, and visit the scientific psychological seminars. On one of the the seminars, he has done first music work, which has opened the new page in history of russian music. Later, Angelight has done more than ten music albums, their music helps people be improved. Gradually, the new stage approaches in creative activity Angelight.

The Result this became the appearance on light of whole music serieses. "Music From the Warld of Karlos Kastaneda" and "Gallery of Energy". Composer writes articles about technologies of transformational approach in writing the music, begins to write the new series of music albums: "The Cured Powers of Music".

On concerts, which are conducted for different auditoriums, from children to retirees, composer obtains of the striking results. Listenning music, people are become eager, sound and sure of itself.

Gradually, from different ends of Russia, come rave reviews about music and its influence. Appears information on use the music Angelight by teachers and doctors. ANGELIGHT sharpens its skill, and else deeper gets into secrets of influence of rhythms and melodies on consciousness of person. He says: "I know the music which is curing different diseases, but I must understand, as this occurs, to explain this for my pupils and other people".

Now, Angelight creates new series of albums, which music have to help in reconstruction and harmony of communication between mother and child.

meditation music

Piano, flute, guitar, drums, synth

Music Style:
ambient, healing, new age, relax, meditation

Similar Artists:
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