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Austen Brauker
Austen Brauker
Onekama, Mi.,
Artist Description:
My name is Austen Brauker. I am a member of the Ottawa tribe from Manistee, Michigan. I recently won Best Horror Script at the Love Unlimited International Film Festival.

I have received positive script coverage from CoverageInk and Creative World. I have several scripts already written and several in process.

I have written two fiction novels. One has been self-published. I have had two theatrical plays produced at a local college. I write monthly articles for a local newspaper. My screenplay "White Buffalo" has been picked up by a film production company for development (Wild Horse Films).

I am also an accomplished visual artist (winner of several national contests including the NCAI Indian Congress art for 2011) and a musician (Four original CD's of home studio produced music) and have much work posted online at different art, music and writing sites. I play and write both traditional and contemporary musical forms.

I attended CMU for psychology and West Shore for criminal justice. I hunt elk, bear, deer and spear salmon. I worked as the herd manager of a large buffalo preserve. I write federal grants and small business proposals. I have owned several art related businesses. I have art in numerous galleries and murals painted in several public locations.

I currently work as a Peacemaker/Probation Officer for the tribal court of the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians. I live in Onekama, Michigan.
I am married to my beautiful wife, Victoria.

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Austen Brauker

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Austen Brauker

Austen Brauker is an award winning artist, musician and writer from the Little River Band of Ottawa Indians in Michigan. He is the author of two fictional novels and two locally produced theatrical plays. He is published in short story anthologies, poetry compilations and regular newspaper articles. His feature screenplays have won awards at more than two dozen film festivals, with one script scheduled to be produced into a feature film. He also works as a Peacemaker/Probation Officer at the L.R.B.O.I. Tribal Justice Center where he operates a wilderness cultural camp for youth.
As an artist, Austen creates many different traditional native crafts but also utilizes contemporary visual art forms. His trademark work, pigmented wax on recycled paper, was used by the National Congress of the American Indian for the N.C.A.I. conference logo in 2011. The original hangs at their embassy in Washington D.C. He is also known for painting large public murals, constructing stained glass scenes and carving decorative playable guitars.
Austen is a long time musician and has free original work available at online music sites, including video montages of music and photography. His musical styles range from traditional Native American and songwriter folk, to acoustic experimental and jamming blues rock. He has scored soundtracks for several films and educational documentaries.
Austen Brauker is an advocate of spiritual unity among all of Earth’s peoples as we evolve together as human beings in our collective world consciousness. He is married with his beautiful love, and best friend, his wife Victoria.

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