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Weathered Pages
Weathered Pages
Mansfield, TX,
Artist Description:
What happens when you create an environment where artists are enabled to work together to create music that is solely about music, interwoven with the experience of life and the emotions we all feel? What happens when you use that music to create single cohesive performances that are choreographed to tell the stories of life and connect people through pure emotion? Well, we’re not sure but we think the possibilities are incredible... and it is our purpose to find out. Check out to learn more.

Band members:
Jeff Bresee Brian Thalman Christina Quinones Michael Barclay Eric Holtz Xavior Patterson

Music Style:
A mixture of Alternative, Rock, Pop, Folk & Country


Weathered Pages was born when the poetry of Jeff Bresee met the music of Brian Thalman. And where did that meeting take place… no other than the hallowed halls of addiction recovery. Both artists were fighting personal battles and struggling against the darkness within; and both were, for the most part, losing. Something was missing in their lives.

When you remove the vice that you have used to fill the void inside of you, you find, sadly, that although the bad is no longer present, the void remains… and the void is worse than anything else. Thus, you tend to allow the bad to slip back in to numb the pain, starting the terrible cycle all over again. In order to recover, you must fill the void. You must replace the bad with good.

Perhaps it was destiny, but Brian and Jeff discovered together what was missing in their lives: music, or better said, the pure desire to let the music inside finally get out. They also discovered that each had what the other needed to fulfill this need. So together they have set forth on a new journey of life and recovery, with the light of music to guide the way and the joy of the journey to fill the void.

We hope you enjoy the music of Weathered Pages.

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