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midi-me - Singles
midi-me - Singles
 Out there with O in the Zone   4:09 - 3.8MB
 Jbon  Alternative
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 A product of my being "on time" or schedule, in my head at least.
I am swamped with 88% finished pieces.
Actually I just want to see if the "ban" on listening had been lifted, by a second attempt for critique..ANYONE?
 My Place   1:41 - 1.5MB
 Jbon  Pop + Rock
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 Like the one we all have
 ziobash1  Later On 0:28 - 0.2MB
 Jbon  Alternative
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 as raw as I could do that day...
I could use this to build upon in time, or not, I hope to start getting some feedback
 zozo  Later On 0:48 - 0.7MB
 Jbon  Alternative
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 voices are filtered into the mix while unintelligible the tine is evident and I think sort of exemplefie life in Metropolitan or "workplace" settingpossibly ultimately up to the listener
 midicellosolo   1:50 - 1.7MB
 Jbon  Alternative
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 all guitar parts played on midi keys
'much as I love pickin guitar I also love soloin on keys.. as you can tell hope this is well taken
1)   Theem  Later On 2:17 - 2.4MB
 Jbon  Urban/ R+B
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 This is, along with my totally self generated riffs and sequences of notes,the recorded manipulation of the ideas of those musicians who, before I bought this instrument added some fantastic riffs and sequences of notes, and are on my RadioShack midikeyboard's(madebyCasio)available intro/ending "settings", or in other words, I am the producer/creator of this piece, however, my love for the piece, for my own Gods-gift,as well as for the art itself impells me to being absolutely honest and straightforward in giving credit as actually due. As I am not a lawyer, and I do not fully understand most of what I know about copy"rights", I am at the mercy to an extent for now of those who do know the exact ins&outs of this "business", or the lawyers of interested parties.
Some very talented artists' ideas are contained in my instrument and therefore in my song. In the event of the need, my legal plans are to be that.. fully legal and in adherence to all legislated stipulations.
Til I know more I won't say much more, only that I appreciate those who programmed this instrument.
It is my assumption that I "own" this that I am producing as mine, nobody but me has prepared this. But I will not leave that statement standing alone without this: In the preperation of my instrument, there had to be other musician/s helping the makers of the instrument I use, enabling it to have recorded passages programmed in it, accessible for use at the will of its user, or player. In view of the use of the word "assume" and all its dubious distinctions, I will never assume anything, simply because of the reason that copyright laws exist and are as they are" confusing and not always as fair as intended by most of us who have to use them.
Actually I am not as afraid as my inner shoulder-devil or angel may advise me to be. This is because I plan to steal not, I plan only to make good music, and it is all result of the sweet love of God.
This said, I know that if anybody does get a notion in their head like any of the ones I imagine as I use riffs and licks in my song/s, and the fear of the law and the fear of lawyers and what they can do, It can only mean that my music is a success. So difficulties with the law and lawyers is what I expect to experience accompanying the success of my music. So I guess as "they" say, "Its All Good!"
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