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Surfer Joe
Surfer Joe
Denver, Colorado,
Artist Description:
Just a guy, writing and playing again after years of neglect.
Born and raised in Halifax, moved to Toronto and now live in Denver.
Played in many amateur bands - highlights include:
- Some great Art College gigs in Halifax
- Playing at the WOMAD festival in Toronto
- Opening for acts like DOA and King Sunny Ade

Band members:
Just me.

Mainly guitar.

Music Style:
You name it... so the only category that fits is Alternative (but to what I ask?)

Pistols, Clash, Damned, Ramones,
Jam, Stooges, X, Social D,
Joy Div, X, Replacements, Dido,
James Brown, Johnny Cash, Fela Kunti...
for example

Similar Artists:
Jeeze, dunno.

Born in Halifax 1963
Lived in Toronto '81 to '96
Here in Denver 'til now

'78 - First attempts at rock covers
'79 - Pistols/Clash/Ramones covers
'80 - Punk (The Quirk, Vacant Lot)
'81 - New Wave (The Moves, The Survivors)
'87 - World Beat (Orchestra Paavola)
'88 - Experimental/Funk/Disco (SCW)
'89 - Detriot Punk (Full Leather Jacket)
'01 - Started recording at home

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